Department of Soil&Crop Sciences

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The Texas A&M University System has helped turfgrass managers, landscapers, sod producers, and the general public solve turfgrass related problems for many years. Through a network of research, extension, and teaching programs, Texas A&M has provided solutions based on sound research, extensive outreach educational programs,and assistance through statewide and county extension activities.

Research efforts strive to integrate urban landscape systems to enhance quality of life, develop improved technologies for the management of weeds, diseases, insects, and other important pests, develop turf systems to reduce impact of environmental pollutants, and develop landscape management systems that conserve natural resources. These research priorities are addressed through strong interdisciplinary cooperation in agronomy, breeding and genetics, plant physiology, entomology, pathology, weed science, and soil science, plant nutrition, and water quality.

Turfgrass Research, Education and Extension Endowment (TREEE) Funded Projects and Summaries

2014 Awards
2012/13 Awards
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TREEE Scholarship Recipients
    Mitchell Schumann
  • Mitchell Schumann is a decorated veteran who comes to us via Austin Community College, where he served as a Supplemental Instruction Leader. Despite being a first generation college student, Mitchell has displayed a work ethic that has earned him a 4.0 GPA so far.

  • Dianna Fisher brings in a 4.0 GPA over 54 hours from Kilgore College. She was recommended highly by Dr. Vince Haby, for whom she worked at the Texas AgriLife Research & Extension Center in Overton.

  • TREEE Scholarship Recipients Archived
Yearly TREEE Summaries