Department of Soil&Crop Sciences

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Turf Answers 4 You

Aggie Turf - lawnTurfgrasses affect the lives of all people living in the United States today. But in the southern states, where turfgrasses grow year-round, their impact on people's lives is great.

A nationwide Harris poll published in Life magazine showed that most Americans wished to be surrounded by green grass and trees (Hooper 1970). Indeed, turfgrasses and trees are major consideration when selecting a homesite, a fact which explains why so many residential developments begin with a golf course. Even among renters a green lawn is a contributing factor in choosing apartments and condominiums. Whether the effect of green grass is real or imagined, a vista of manicured turfgrass stimulates people's enthusiasm, accents their awareness to their surroundings, and renews their vitality. Psychologists and physicians have demonstrated that people feel better and recover faster when placed in an environment with green grass and trees (Ulrich 1986).