Casey Reynolds, PhD

Latin Name: (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus)

Buffalograss Map
Buffalograss Areas of Adaptation

Growth Habit: Stoloniferous

Vernation: Rolled

Leaf: Hairs on both surfaces; Ridges on upper surface

Ligule: Fringe of hairs

Auricles: Absent

Inflorescence: Staminate and pistillate spikelets in separate inflorescences; usually on different plants. Staminate spikelets in 1-4 spicate infloresences; Pistillate spikelets in 2-4 burlike clusters.

Description: Buffalograss is a warm-season, native turfgrass that spreads laterally by stolons and is best suited as a low-input, low-use turfgrass. It is unique from other turfgrasses in that it has male (staminate) and female (pistillate) flowers on separate inflorescences. These are usually present on different plants (dioecious) but can also be found on the same plant (monecious).

Strengths: Drought tolerance, cold tolerance, low disease potential, low mowing requirement, and low fertilization requirement.

Weaknesses: Shade tolerance, salinity tolerance, weed encroachment, and traffic tolerance. It also does not do well in east Texas where annual rainfall exceeds 30”.

 Recommended Mowing Height: Home Lawns: 2.5 to 4 inches; Golf Courses: 1-2 inches; Natural areas: ≥ 4 inches or un-mowed.

 Recommended Mowing Frequency: Every 7-14 days using a rotary mower

 Fertilization Requirements: 0 to 2 lbs of N per 1,000 ft2 per year applied during the summer growing season. Single application rates should range from 0.5 to 1 lb of N per 1,000 ft2.

Buffalograss Buffalograss Buffalograss

Buffalograss Varieties Available in Texas
Variety Latin Name Availability
609 (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed/Sod
Bison (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Bowie (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Cody (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Density (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Sod
Plains (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Prairie (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Sod
Prestige (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Sod
Sundancer (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Texoka (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed
Top Gun (Bouteloua dactyloides (Nutt.) J.T. Columbus) Seed